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The Designerie

 Graduate in Residence: July 2021 - August 2022

 In July 2021, I took up a Graduate in Residence opportunity offered by The University of Ulster,

to exhibit and sell my work in The Designerie in Bushmills.  

The team in Makers House, under the management of Leeanne Irwin, were encouraging and supportive as I developed my fledgling business.

Working alongside the other makers inspires creativity, whilst the personal knowledge and insights they willingly shared about running a business has been invaluable to me.  Training in the art of selling and promoting your own work with confidence, came in the form of both intentional and incidental sessions.  Learning from observation was a daily occurrence, whilst Leeanne the manager offered personalised training along with specific advice on developing my businesses potential. I had the opportunity to work with a great team and I will forever be grateful for their continuing support and friendship.

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