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2023. How have you made the transition from last year to this new year?

I don't mean how did you see in the New Year, I mean .... how are you doing?

Every day is an opportunity to start again, but somehow the end of a year and beginning of another feels significant as the collective pause from normal activities gives opportunity to reflect and consider what has passed and look ahead to what is to come.

So, nearly a month into 2023, how are you doing? It's good to ask ourselves that question every so often, and allow ourselves the time to re-evaluate and re-direct if necessary.

This newly launched painting, "Transient", is one that evolved as I allowed myself to embrace that idea.

The process behind what is seen was more complex than what greets the eye today, and the transformation was gradual as I worked, constantly pausing, re-evaluating and re-directing.

It is almost hard to believe it is the same painting, but as the artist I was proactive in each step of the journey that made it what it is today and I am delighted to offer it as complete.

The name 'Transient', alludes to the impermanence of the process, but also has an air of higher existence which is paralleled to the journey of life we are all navigating.

Make this year one where you, as the artist of your life, choose to proactively pause, reflect, re-evaluate and re-direct as necessary.

Much love,


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