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July 2021

Good question! Although I am sure the answer can vary, let me tell you what it looks like for me....

I graduated from the Belfast School of Art (Ulster University) this year and applied for their Graduate in Residence program. They contacted me to say that my application had been accepted, and asked if I would like to begin my residency in a new project they were launching in collaboration with the Designerie in Bushmills.

The Designerie is a social enterprise, operated by Enterprise Causeway, and is committed to supporting small businesses in the arts and creative sector. Visit to read more about it.

Two Graduates were offered a pod in Makers House to showcase work and sell to the public. Joining an established team that include; Linen Lane, Laura McIlveen photography, Susan Francesca Hunter, Fee McToal Design and Taylor Yates, we opened the pod for business on Friday 16th July. I am currently in-house at the Designerie 3 days a week developing my understanding on how to sell artwork whilst managing and running a start-up business.

There is a lot to learn but the other business owners at Makers House are a really supportive bunch.

As well as exhibiting some of my graduate work, I have textile and mixed- media artwork for sale.

I have quickly discovered that when I sell work it leaves a space on the wall that I need to fill!

When I'm not in Bushmills I am beavering away in my home studio, creating.

Abstract painting is another passion of mine and as well as having a range of original artwork and cards available, I have samples of paintings for customers to browse through before commissioning an art piece for their own home.

Would YOU like to get involved in my residency? Call in and say Hi @Makers House (First floor of the Designerie). We are all encouraged when we see a friendly face :)

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